Classes and Shop Rental

Glass blowing is the art of blowing air into gathers of hot, molten glass. Learn the basics with one of our class packages. Our Missoula glass blowing studio is available for students to rent to practice and for experienced glass blowers to create their art.

Class Packages

Package 1

Introductory Glass Blowing Experience

This introduction is specially designed for someone that would like to gain basic knowledge of the glass blowing process.

In this group class you will spend two hours learning how to manipulate and shape this extraordinary medium, as well as proper use of tools and shop equipment.

Class size is 2 -3 students.

$100 per person

Package 2

Private Beginner

This package is designed for those who would like to learn a solid foundation to glass blowing.

In this a private lesson, you will spend three hours learning proper glass handling and manipulation techniques, as well as proper tool use and shop etiquette.

$165 per person

Package 3

Four Week Intensive Course

This course is designed for the individual that wants to learn and practice serious glass blowing.

This course is 12 hours of blow time divided into four sessions. Students learn all fundamental techniques, color application and special tool use to achieve various patterns and shapes.

Class size is 2 -3 students.

$450 per person

For more information and to register for a class, contact Lisa Tate.

Custom Packages Also Available

Shop Rental

Shop rental is available on a limited basis for students to practice and for experienced glass blowers to create their art. Our shop is located in
Missoula, Montana.

Rental slots are 4 hours minimum. Renters must adhere to shop rules and demonstrate proficiency and safety prior to renting blow time.

Rental for the hot shop is $40 per hour and includes up to 10 pounds of glass per hour worked.


Contact Lisa Tate today to reserve the shop.